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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Македонците и Фригите (Бригите)

73. [1] Φρύγες δὲ ἀγχοτάτω τῆς Παφλαγονικῆς σκευὴν εἶχον, ὀλίγον παραλλάσσοντες. οἱ δὲ Φρύγες, ὡς Μακεδόνες λέγουσι, ἐκαλέοντο Βρίγες χρόνον ὅσον Εὐρωπήιοι ἐόντες σύνοικοι ἦσαν Μακεδόσι, μεταβάντες δὲ ἐς τὴν Ἀσίην ἅμα τῇ χώρῃ καὶ τὸ οὔνομα μετέβαλον ἐς Φρύγας. Ἀρμένιοι δὲ κατά περ Φρύγες ἐσεσάχατο, ἐόντες Φρυγῶν ἄποικοι. τούτων συναμφοτέρων ἦρχε Ἀρτόχμης Δαρείου ἔχων θυγατέρα.
73. The Phrygians had an equipment very like that of the Paphlagonians with some slight difference. Now the Phrygians, as the Macedonians say, used to be called Brigians during the time that they were natives of Europe and dwelt with the Macedonians; but after they had changed into Asia, with their country they changed also their name and were called Phrygians. The Armenians were armed just like the Phrygians, being settlers from the Phrygians. Of these two together the commander was Artochmes, who was married to a daughter of Dareios.

Herodotus Book 7: Polymnia [70]

Фригите имаа воена опрема многу слична на онаа на Пафлагонците со мали разлики.Сега Фригите,како што велат Македонците,биле нарекувани Бриги додека биле жители на Европа и живееле со Македонците (σύνοικοι ἦσαν Μακεδόσι,беа цимери на Македонците),но потоа тие се преселија во Азија,а со земјата го променија и своето име и се нарекоа Фриги.Ерменците беа вооружени исто како Фригите,бидејќи беа доселеници од Фригите.На овие заедно командант им беше Артохмес,кој беше женет со ќерката на Дариј.

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