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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Пасхална хроника (Chronicon paschale,7 век Н.Е.)

Chronicon Paschale ("the Paschal Chronicle, also Chronicum Alexandrinum or Constantinopolitanum, or Fasti Siculi ) is the conventional name of a 7th-century Greek Christian chronicle of the world. Its name comes from its system of chronology based on the Christian paschal cycle; its Greek author named it "Epitome of the ages from Adam the first man to the 20th year of the reign of the most August Heraclius."
The Chronicon Paschale follows earlier chronicles. For the years 600 to 627 the author writes as a contemporary historian - that is, through the last years of emperor Maurice, the reign of Phocas, and the first seventeen years of the reign of Heraclius.

Gentes vero a Japhet ortae, a Media ad Hesperium usque Oceanum,dispersae, quae Aquilonem spectant ,sunt istae :Medi,Graeci,Albani,Venni,Armenii,Dauni,Corzeni,Hippici,Paphlagones,Iberi qui et Tyranii,Chalyces,Celtaei,Sauromatae,Galli,Taurii,Basantes,Illyrii,Vaccaei,Ligures,Japyges,Gageni,Latini,qui et Romani,Amaxones,Legestani,Dennageni,Acytini,Mariandeni,Cyrtiani,Mossinoeci,Connii,Maeotae,Calabri,Thraces,Galli,qui et Celtiberi,Macedones,Illyrici,Istri,Lusitani,Errei,Britanni,Coli.

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